SkyPrime Rentals is a division of the SkyPrime Group, a boutique property company in Cyprus, dedicated to the needs of high net worth individuals from around the world.

We are proud to present exclusive rental properties on the southeastern coast of Cyprus.

All our properties are professionally managed and maintained in excellent condition at all times, so you can fully enjoy all the advantages of SkyPrime Rentals: prime location, attractive properties, pristine private pools and high standard contemporary home amenities.

But there’s more. Because here at SkyPrime Rentals, we don’t just hand over the keys when you arrive and collect them before your departure. In fact, that’s only half of what you can expect. What makes SkyPrime Rentals special is a full range of guest services that make all the difference between an average holiday in Cyprus and an unforgettable experience in a luxurious SkyPrime rental property.

It all starts with the friendly support you will receive from our Reservations Department. Whether you are enquiring online or prefer to book by telephone, you will find a service-oriented person at the end of the communication line, determined to make sure that you get the property that matches your holiday expectations.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred holiday accommodation, our Guest Relations team is at your disposal, ready to manage any special requests, provide pre-arrival information or any assistance you might need during your stay.

We know how important and precious holidays are to couples as well as families; to professionals who need a break from the fast pace of urban life, to those who crave for a safe and sunny escape. And our role is to create and offer you the complete luxurious, relaxing, and simply perfect holiday in Cyprus.